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All overtime is considered voluntary if it is outside normal working hours. Normal hours of work can be defined as follows: (i) The amount of a COLA applicable at all times is not part of an employee`s base rate and is not included in the calculation of overtime or other bonuses. COLA adjustments are excluded from the calculation of social benefits for groups. The base rate of COLA$1.27 is set with quarterly adjustments per paragraph (f). This applies for the duration of the 2014 agreement, which expires on 15 October 2017. If a death occurs in the immediate family of a regular worker (excluding trainee workers) during an employee`s scheduled work week, that worker will be placed on leave at the rate applicable to each day of absence. Immediate family members of an employee include: Such a union member is not part of the legally planned team, but receives other tasks from the company, regardless of the classification at its normal rate. All hours worked by a committee member will be billed accordingly. 2.03 In the event of a sale of the Autoliv Tilbury plant, the new owner is required to recognize Unifor National and Unifor Local Union 1941 in accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Labour Relations Act.

In this case, the new owner is deemed to succeed to all the obligations set out in the collective agreement. Thursday at 18:00.m. the employer will publish the available overtime and the names of the employees who must work. 10. On a working day, they are referred to their previously held original classification/team/service. In this case, the company selects the next xxx-gible employee from among the candidates, if applicable. By mutual agreement, the parties may agree to extend these time limits. 24.03 If the leave falls within the period of leave provided for the entitlement of an eligible employee, the leave shall be remunerated for that leave. The additional vacation day is scheduled and this day is mutually agreed. The university will focus on the working environment and long-term sustainability, reflecting the economic climate and fiscal realities of collective bargaining. The new agreement maintains the provisions of the previous agreement with minor changes, while previously agreed changes such as a change of title for teaching-intensive teachers and the reintegration of nurses into the teaching-intensive branch will be incorporated. (a) The collective bargaining committee for the purpose of collective bargaining with the employer for the renewal of this collective agreement shall consist of the chairman, the skilled workers` representative and three (3) employees of the body elected by the union.

Employees may need minor advice. This period may be extended by mutual agreement. If the dismissal exceeds six (6) months and one or more vacancies become vacant in this classification, these vacancies shall be published “operationally” in accordance with Article 13. 2.02 In the event that work currently performed during the term of this collective agreement at autoliv Canada in Tilbury is transferred to a new or existing Autoliv Canada plant in the Province of Ontario, Unifor will accept Unifor as a negotiator for employees working there, unless such workers are represented by another union or are the subject of an application for certification by another union. A collective agreement is negotiated setting wages, working conditions, performance levels, etc. Nothing in this agreement prevents the employer and the union from agreeing on a different break schedule, which is broadly the same time on a decentralized basis. 17.01 An employee who has been summoned and who reports to the service of the jury; or has been summoned and declared in writing, the difference between the amount paid and his regular earnings shall be paid on normal working days, if any. The above employee will be granted the entire paid shift for the day of jury duty required in accordance with the foregoing, provided that he or she provides the Company with dated and signed proof of performance and the amount of salary received, if any. 20.03 Except as provided in the Employment Standards Act, the Corporation does not provide that an employee shall work more than twelve (12) consecutive hours.

23.08 The Employer reserves the right to set vacation dates and limit the number of employees on vacation at any time per department in order to ensure the proper functioning of the Company. This discretion must reasonably be eliminated. (i) Apprentices must participate in repetitive courses. The company pays interns the above rates for the time they lose from their regular work schedule during the required class hours. Books and tuition fees will be reimbursed by the company at the end of the course. 6.03 Each employee covered by this Agreement shall pay normal weekly union dues in accordance with unifor Bylaws and local union by-laws. The amounts thus deducted are amounts that the Association determines from time to time to its members in accordance with the Statutes and/or statutes of the national and local association. In case of conflict, the statutes or statutes of the National Association apply.

Overtime shall be offered at the end of the shift or overtime before the start of the next scheduled shift, every day: 2. This letter shall remain in effect for the duration of this Agreement. Collective agreements set out the terms and conditions of employment of unionized workers and the rights, privileges and obligations of the union, the employer and the employees. b) If an employee works on paid leave, in addition to vacation pay, the employee receives twice the working time for all hours worked during the paid leave or the employee receives one free working day with pay within three (3) months. If possible, the employer will make every effort to put employees on regular leave. (vii) The time devoted by the members of the Committee to the performance of their duties shall be considered as working time and shall be remunerated in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. (f) The Committee has the power to terminate the teaching contract for reasons such as inability to learn, unsatisfactory work, lack of interest in the programme, low participation and other equitable reasons. In the event of disagreement between committee members, the Company shall have the authority to remove an employee from the Program, subject to the claims and arbitration provisions of this Agreement. UNB will establish appropriate collective bargaining teams that have clear mandates and negotiate in good faith. Bargaining teams are expected to approach their activities with an evidence-based approach and respect staff and their respective bargaining teams. 10.07 Hearings are held by mutual agreement on the sites. a) For hours of work beyond the regularly scheduled 12 hours, 20.07 Overtime accepted is considered a scheduled shift and, therefore, all absences, delays and early sweeps are subject to the Company`s attendance policies.

Arbitrators are selected in the order in which they appear in the above list; Beginning at the beginning of the list and ending with the order in which the written submissions for arbitration were received. In the event that the arbitrator is no longer available for arbitration, such particular case will be referred to the next arbitrator on the list. If the schedule of the chosen arbitrator is such that it is not available for a longer period, the parties may agree in writing to proceed to the next arbitrator on the list. The arbitrator`s costs are shared equally between the corporation and the union. 10.08 All time limits mentioned in the complaint and conciliation procedures herein may be extended at any time by written agreement between the Company and the Union. 11.04 No disciplinary action may be taken against an employee`s records if they are not managed within five (5) business days for an employee on a schedule of eight (8) hours and three (3) days worked as part of a continuous shift rotation after an employee discovers the incident. The date of discovery of the incident does not count for the purposes of this provision. If no committee member is available for overtime or if fewer than ten (10) employees are required to work overtime, the union will appoint a union representative from among the workers who are to work and notify the company. On the basis of the agreement that the clocks must be located in places within the factory, the employer undertakes to install the clock in each department. b) All employees must wear safety footwear or boots recognized by the employer as a condition of employment in certain areas, and this foot protection must be approved by the CSA. The employer pays $125.00 per year from the collective agreement only for regular employees.

The employer grants a seniority allowance to employees with seniority in the classifications of trades. .